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About The Secret History of the Vedas

This is a short introduction to my book series, The Secret History of the Vedas.

It is a "secret" history because it takes an original, fresh, look at the Vedas. It applies the lessons from the Vedas to contemporary issues, contemporary topics of philosophy and spirituality, while staying true to the original texts.

This series interprets the Vedas in new and different ways.

The separate volumes are

The Vedic Dharma

All About Agni

1000 Names of Soma

The Vedic Astrologer

The Vedic Alchemist (Under Construction)

There is a forthcoming title, The Yoga of Karl Marx

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"This book is so well written, I found it very  simple to read. With all of the explanations of what it was about. I enjoyed reading it so much and look forward to the next book"

- Amazon review

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